This Fair Usage Policy ( has been implemented so that we can provide reliable and low cost value streaming for all customers. Bandwidth on our  network is not guaranteed unlike Premium Providers, this is one way of keeping costs so low while at the same time providing a reliable service for smaller radio stations. In general, only about 2-5% of customers will ever find that they will not be affected by the FUP as the majority of customers don't use excessive amounts of bandwidth.

Server Resources
Any stream found to be using more than 15% of the server's CPU or 15% of the available memory may be stopped to avoid problems with the server. This is ,however, very rare.

Bandwidth on or value streaming  network is not guaranteed.
Bandwidth on our value network is shared and therefore is not guaranteed, most stations can average around 500-2000GB per month without any problems depending on the usage of other customers. Any streams using a considerable amount of bandwidth for a sustained period of time may have their bandwidth capped - this is done automatically by our scanner which runs at various times throughout the day - listener allowance and bit rate allowance will not be altered unless requested. This is to ensure that the vast majority of customers continue to experience a good quality service. If You do not Respond to the request to decrease bandwidth/load within 48 hours, Carihost reserves the right to suspend service pending correspondence.

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