1. You agree to take sole responsibility for all content streamed over your server. Carihost is in no way liable for any action taken against any client as a result of the content of their stream. You are responsible for purchasing any licenses that are required by law. Carihost does not offer licensing of any kind. You are responsible for checking the laws in your country before broadcasting copyrighted content.

2. Resellers of our services are responsible for the content of their clients' servers. Carihost reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account including clients of resellers for any reason deemed appropriate by Carihost.

3. You may not falsify information about your stream in any way, this includes using description, bitrate, genre or listener counts that do not reflect the actual content or listener count.

4. You may not stream content at a higher bitrate than you have purchased. This may result in immediate suspension of your account for 24 hours or until you contact us. Plans on our servers are for live streaming only. You may not play recordings on a loop.

5. All payments made to Carihost are non-refundable - if you don't agree to this then don't sign up, we offer free trials for testing. Payments are to be made through PayPal every month in advance on the anniversary of the day that the service was first purchased, unless otherwise stated. Please contact us for alternative payment options.

6. If payment does not clear within 7 days of the due date, the service may be suspended until the payment is made in full for the next month unless otherwise arranged. Accounts that are overdue by 28 days will be automatically terminated, after which time a reconnection fee of $5.00 may be charged.

7. Any customer that purchases a service at a special or reduced rate and fails to pay the fee on or before their due date will be required to pay future installments at the standard rate as currently advertised on the website.

8. Carihost respects our clients' privacy and will not give, sell or rent any personal information to any third party, unless required to do so by law or with permission of the client. You understand that some of your information will be made public if you choose to list your server on our directory or the directory, such as AIM, ICQ or any other information that they send to the Shoutcast server. Your stream will also appear on other international directories under advice from carihost unless you choose otherwise from the control panel.

9. Carihost may not be held liable for any damages, injury, loss of profits, data, property or anything else caused by the use of its services. It is your responsibility to make any back ups that are required. Although we will do our best to maintain an uninterrupted service, we cannot guarantee that the service will be reachable all of the time from all locations. Carihost shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including lost data, information, or profits) sustained or incurred in connection with lost data or loss of service. We Do not Currently offer a SLA. Carihost is hereby waived of any legal obligation pertaining to the use of our service.

Quality of Service
10. If you are found to be using your account in such away as to affect other users on the server, your account may be suspended and you will be notified or additional restrictions applied. Bandwidth on our Server is shared and therefore is not guaranteed, most stations can average around 500-2000GB per month without any problems. Any streams using a considerable amount of bandwidth for a sustained period of time may have their bandwidth capped.

11. Carihost Reserves the Right to make Changes to these Terms And Conditions Where Deemed Necessary, If you require Further Information or an issue Cleared, Please Contact us using the onsite Contact Form.

All payments to Carihost are non-refundable - we offer free trial accounts for testing upon Request.

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