Carihost Web Media®
provides professional yet affordable Web and Stream hosting services to many happy customers around the world. Carihost is the first Caribbean based Provider, bringing low cost solutions to those who need to get their stations out there without breaking the bank. We cater for and host large Commercial FM stations to small Internet hobby stations. Carihost Web Media is a Stream hosting Service Provider Registered Business under the applicable laws on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

Carihost Was Founded in March 2007 by a Internet Radio Enthusiast who at the time had an internet radio and encountered many difficulties finding affordable, reliable host for shout cast streaming. After many months of Trial and Error with multiple Providers, it finally ended with a reseller which prove to be very reliable yet affordable, that was where it all began. Carihost grew from a reseller and established its presence with its own dedicated shout cast streaming server late in 2007. Today Carihost provides that Affordable Reliable streaming that most internet broadcast search forever for. We Provide the service to Internet Broadcasters at the most affordable Rates possible, as affordable as it can possibly get since Streaming is bandwidth intensive and requires several Terabytes of bandwidth on a monthly basis which we have at our disposal.

With Servers in The United States and Across Europe we have an unparallel Value streaming service comparable to any "premium" services out there without the high price tag. Our network is monitored constantly for any abnormalities and problems are resolved at lightning fast speeds since we maintain a close relationship with our Datacenters.

You may Be asking yourself, how can they Have these prices so low and still be online?? Well a committed client base and rock solid servers with reliable bandwidth have proven us the choice over the past year of operations, we are a young company ( only 1 year old) but we strive to beat the competitors who have been there before !

Don't see a Package you like on our listings? NO problem simply contact us and Tell us what you want and we will Tailor make a package to meet your need. how Cool is that! and to make it even more Speedy all Shoutcast servers are setup instantly so you can be online within 5 minutes and your order
Pricing starts as low as $3.00 for web hosting so go check our web hosting deals today!

Carihost Web Media aims to be the Alternative you can trust to keep your station on the air 24 hours a day 7 days ago without putting a strain on your budget and any worries of server downtime. So far we have achieved a 99.9 % uptime rating and we intend to keep this for a very long time. We understand that internet radio is not a profitable venture and can be costly to maintain so we make it affordable for you! Remember at Carihost we don't sell Cheap hosting...we sell good hosting Cheap!

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